“It has been a pleasure to work with George every time. I would highly recommend him for his professionalism at every stage of the job, stopping at nothing to get the best results and always looking for ways to do things better. He always takes the initiative and does not wait to be asked to do something – he’ll just get on with what needs to be done. I would happily work with George again as I know I can trust him to do a great job. Also, he’s a great guy! We had a lot of fun travelling around Europe, turning around a wide range of interviews and location footage with which our client was delighted.”

Jane Barnes

Conrad Design Group

“George Featherby delivers splendid visuals. He is a very professional cameraman, he’s flexible and helpful to work with, always enthusiastic and makes the client feel totally at ease. George crafts his shots with thoughtful lighting and framing whilst always aware of today’s tight time frames. His post-production has also proven to be excellent and something we will continue to utilise in the future. He always goes the extra mile to get the best shot and is a real asset to any shoot.”

Tony Norton


“We have always found George’s video production work to be of the highest standard and quality. The videos he produced for our website have proved an invaluable marketing tool, improving our website and increasing the number of enquiries and bookings. His customer service is first rate and he is always very flexible with locations (we have filmed in London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam). He offers a fast turnaround when it comes to post-production, which is vital for reviews. All our ideas and visions have been met with creative and effective solutions. I would recommend him every time.”

Constance Daws

Reed Exhibitions

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